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Are you procrastinating?

'the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time'

This is the dictionary definition of procrastinating.

It can some up why so many people fail to get things done, even when they know they are important or need to be done.

We are all guilty of this. Paperwork, annoying emails, bills. All of these things can fall prey to procrastination.

When it comes to your health and well-being, procrastinating can be very detrimental.

Think of time that you've been to see a trainer, or a physio for example. I'll stay in my lane.

They have asked you to perform certain stretches or exercises at home for a set amount of reps/sets. The exercises themselves don't take a lot of time or even effort in some cases. But for some reason, you don't get around to it.

8 weeks down the line, you've not lost weight, or the pain hasn't improved. Or whatever the reason you went to see the professional in the first place. Fact of the matter is, you've not done the work.

I find that usually the things we procrastinate over tend to be difficult to focus on or tedious tasks.

However, they can be some of the most valuable to us.

The next time you do this, ask yourself this. Are you gaining anything from avoiding these tasks? Or would you gain infinitely more by just getting them done?

Each and every one of you reading this will know of at least one thing that you've put off for far too long.

Once you finish this, go and get it done or at least make a start.

Health is wealth

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