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Basic is Best.

When it comes to exercise. Basic is usually best for the vast majority of people.

Move more often. Include some basic human movement patterns in your exercise routine and potentially have an active sport/hobby you can enjoy once or twice a week.

Talking about patterns. Squat. Push. Pull. Hinge. Carry. In the words of the great Dan John. One of my favorite coaches to listen to when it comes to training. I think we also both agree that walking is one of the most underrated exercises in existence.

A complete workout will contain one of each of the basic movements in there. Either in one workout or throughout the week.

Some people struggle massively with one or more of these movements unfortunately and it's because as a species we are sitting down too much and moving far less. I am noticing that people younger and younger are having mobility issues and it is very worrying. I want to be mobile when I'm 75. Not just alive. I want to be able to still play golf and train with my kettlebells in my living room (or maybe a beach somewhere hot?)

To do that, I'm going to have to stay consistent. Show up. That is where most people miss out. They have periods where they are committed and periods where they are not. Some people have never committed.

Even one workout a week could make a massive difference later on down the line. One workout a week even if it is very low intensity is manageable. Even for people who are very unfit.

It does not have to relate to being ripped and muscular. It can if you want it to, although it's often not the best route for most. But it has to be consistent.

Squat, shoulder press, row, deadlift, farmers carry. That is just one possible routine that includes all the basic movements.

These movements can be done at home with minimal equipment or at your local gym or at your local park. Dumbbells, Kettlebells, barbells, rocks, heavy rucksacks can all be utilized.

For exercise demonstration there are a multitude of resources online. The coach I mentioned earlier has a huge library on YouTube with great demos. I'll be adding some this year as well to my own channel.

Keep it basic. Keep it simple. Keep it consistent.

Coach Dan PT

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