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Avoiding the typical January fad diet and exercise routine

First and foremost I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. If not I'm sorry to hear that and hopefully next Christmas will be better for you.

Having been a Personal Trainer for over a decade I see a lot of the same things every year.

People coming to the gym with the best intentions only to burn themselves out within a month.

Hitting it hard every day at the gym, following any one of the ever growing extreme dietary practices that promise to lose fat, doing lots and lots of hard cardio, trying extreme exercises you've seen from the latest tik Tok Muppet who promises they can get you ripped in 8 weeks resulting in people getting injured and creating a vicious cycle of self improvement without actually improving.

STOP! Take a second to really think about your situation and trust me when I say a few small changes will last far more than lots of MASSIVE changes.

Start of with walking more often. If you are lucky enough to have legs that work (which we all definitely take for granted) then use them. Walking is the most underrated exercise in human history. It's generally quite easy and you can do a lot of it without burning yourself out.

Join your local gym and take advantage of the gym walk-arounds. Take advantage of any free advice on offer such as learn to lift classes.

If you aren't a fan of gyms then take a look at what kind of exercise classes are on offer near you. You will be surprised at how many may be on offer at local community centres.

With regards to your food intake. Make a slight reduction. Obviously we can do without all the extra chocolate, alcohol, cheese, crackers and general shite that comes with Christmas time but overall keep it simple.

If you usually have 3 fajitas with dinner. Have 2.

If you usually drink 3 bottles of wine a week. Drink 1 and a half.

If you usually eat 6 packets of crisps a week. Have 3.

You get the idea.

Consistently doing a little over a long period will reap so many more results that going insane and trying to change everything at once only to fail in a month or two.

Walk more, drink more water, eat more fruit and vegetables. Start there and watch the magic happen.

Once you have nailed those, I'd suggest speaking to a personal trainer and getting some professional advice on where to go from there.

I'm always happy to help so please feel free to message.

If you read this all please reply with "batman rules" just for fun and to let me know if actually making an impact.

Coach Dan

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Dec 28, 2023

Batman rules & makes an impact 😀

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