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Are you always on a diet?

If like a lot of people looking to lose weight you turn to the diet culture for your answer then you may find this post engaging.

First of all, I am not a dietician, so this is merely from observation of clients and my own experiences which have helped immensely.

When we think of diets, we think of restriction. Of challenges and of deprivation. This in itself is part of the problem.

When you have a mindset of "this is going to be a tough long road" then it ultimately will be.

Shifting your mindset to less of diet but more of lifestyle improvement can be very beneficial in the quest for eating healthier.

For example, look at your current lifestyle. Chances are if you are not happy with your weight or how you are feeling then some changes are in order. This doesn't mean that you need to change everything all at once.

One change you could make would be to drink more water. That's a big step in the right direction.

Another change could be to snack on fruit if you are hungry.

Try adding a little more vegetables to your regular meals.

Add some protein to each meal (yogurt, beans, lentils, chicken, fish, meat, eggs etc)

Going with the approach of adding "good" things, as apposed to removing "bad" things will set you up more for success.

If you like pasta, eat pasta, just be mindful of portion sizes and what you eat it with.

If you like bread, have a sandwich. Aim to add some nice healthy fillings and eat one sandwich (two slices) before you make four slices. Eat slowly and see how you feel. If you want another then make another one, but give yourself time to see if one is enough.

Using this approach will greatly help your thoughts on food. Eat the food you enjoy, just be mindful of how much of it you eat and if in doubt about how calorie dense your foods are then look on the packaging. It's there for a reason.

Adding this mentality with regular exercise will boost your well-being massively.

Thanks for reading,

Coach Dan

Health is wealth

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