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Making time for you

This week I have been practicing a lot of self care. If you have been following me for a while you will know I am currently working towards my Yin Yoga teacher training at the moment.

I have been committing myself to one yoga practice per day and I plan on doing so for the next year.

This sounds like a lot, however I have no time restraints on my practices. Whether it is 5 minutes focusing on one pose/stretch or a whole hour focusing on the whole body. Committing myself fully is the key here. Even if just for a short time.

You can take this same approach for nearly anything. Commit to doing something beneficial for yourself at least once a day.

This could be a 15 minute walk. Stretching your hamstrings for 1 minute each leg. Choosing a piece of fruit and a flask of your own coffee instead of a double chocolate latte and a calorie rammed muffin on the way to work. Doing that home workout you've been meaning to do. Just go for 10 minutes and maybe just pick one or two exercises.

Moral of the story. Start making time for yourself!

Thank you for reading.

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